Welcome to Bento4Extend!

We are setting up a new site for everyone in the wordpress world to get access to a new range of plugins. While setting up some sites of our own we had noticed some holes where there does not appear to be any plugin that perfectly fits our needs. And our thought was: would others not find these useful as well?

So here we are. Sharing our plugins with the world to purchase from us. Hopefully many others find them as useful as ourselves.

We are still working out everything from our support system for the plugins, the technical support section, etc. So many messages sent to us at this time may have a slow response when getting one until our support system is up and running. For the time being we have extended the amount of time license keys will work due to this so that you will get a proper amount of support for what you purchase.

For the first 6 months we will have license keys work for 2 years without any renewal being needed. Plus we have tried to make our prices competitive compared to similar plugin sites.

Feel free to check what we have available. We will be adding new plugins and / or updating the current ones once a month.