Updates to Formidable GeoLocation

Today we have fixed numerous bugs in Formidable GeoLocation. Many of the issues that people have raised are permanently stamped out and no more work arounds are needed.

This is in version 1.1. It is a clean version.

Next will come version 1.2. It’ll produce many enhancements for the plugin. For those waiting for this, well, it’ll becoming soon. It’ll not only make it much more customizable, but the price will also be going up at that point as it’ll be a more fully featured map plugin.

I’d recommend getting it now if you want to save money on the enhanced version.

What will it have?

We are currently looking at including: Better field support.  More customizability for the search field including a lot of filtering options on other fields. The map will become more customizable including allow for enabling and disabling different parts of the google map display such as street view amongst others. Can get the location from the current user rather than from a field. And more.

So you can see why it’ll cost more when it is done! But you will be able to get it as an update if you buy now before this comes out.