Price and Site Activation Adjustments

We have adjusted all of our prices. Some have gone up, and some have come down. While we, like any other company, cannot guarantee that your price will be the same as before nor can guarantee you’ll receive the same as others may, we still do believe in the philosophy that customers must always be well serviced.

For this reason: all previous customers will have their licenses upgraded to reflect the new changes.

The were two significant changes:

  • For now, all licenses will not expire. Well, okay. They will expire in 9999 years. But even google probably won’t be around for that long! This is not guaranteed to last forever for purchases, so get in while you can.
    This does not extend your support. Support will still only last for a year, but your plugin will continue to work and you’ll still be able to get updates to it. Of course, you’ll still be able to report bugs or issues, but after a year there will be no priority support. Priority support will be extended with the purchase of any new plugin, and before the year is out we hope to provide a support subscription if you only wish for that. Support will go with your license term. We will never decrease your term even if you are rewarded with a longer period due to work that delays your support. Providing great support is a priority for us to build up.
  • Also, for now, each level of your purchase will provide a different number of licenses. The first level will now allow 2 sites to work with your license. That way you’ll be able to use the plugin on both a test site and a live site. The second level allows for up to 10 sites, and then finally the third will allow for unlimited. This is standard amongst all plugins.This is no longer the case.
    Right now we have two pricing levels which are $15/$30/$75 and $25/50/$125. Prices will not remain as they are forever, as eventually they are likely to arise in the future. So, again, get the plugins you want at this price before it changes!This is no longer the case

Hopefully we can fulfill your plugin wishes as this site grows. Soon we plan to release geolocation plugins for buddypress profiles and formidable entries, which will also allow you to modify google maps pin content on them or show directions to the user or entry. There are a lot more plugins in the planning stages as well. So, stay tuned!

Feel free to check out what is available now and already set to come soon by clicking here: