Formidable MyCRED: What’s new?

The new release of Formidable MyCRED, version 1.2, is now out! With it comes some features that people have been requesting. Such as:

  • Log messages are not changeable: You can now update what is shown for the log messages for when credits are added or subtracted.
  • Adding or subtracting when updating or creating a form: before you could only turn on or off the feature for when updating a form. Now you can do this for when creating a form as well, so this part of it is completely customizable.
  • Better balance handling control along with more options: it will now all appear on the first MyCRED form action. It’ll allow for you to set, if specified credit types fall below zero, to either show a message (which allows shortcodes and html), re-route to another page, open another form in an overlay window (as in, just overtop of the current page), or do nothing.
  • Various bug fixes as well. Duplicating the form will finally bring over the actions, along with various php warnings are now squashed.

This feels like a more complete version of Formidable MyCRED, and I do hope that you all agree.

Feel free to click here to take al look at this plugin today!