Formidable GeoLocation has now been updated to v1.2.1

With the release of the new version comes numerous new features:

  • The shortcodes are now finalized and work properly. That means you can easily show a map, distance, and directions without any issues for an entry. This did exist before but it wasn’t documented properly due to issues that existed with them. These issues are now solved. The shortcodes are as follows:
    If used on its own in a view within the detail section it will show the location for that particular entry. Or, alternatively, you can use entry_id=[id] or entry_id=the number of the entry to display as a parameter. Ie. [form_location_map entry_id=34] would show the location for the entry id number 34.
    Also, if used on its own outside of the detail section anywhere else in the view it will show the entries within the current form. Or, you can use it outside of a view with id=x where x would be the form number. Ie. [form_location_map id=34] would show all entries on a map for form id 34.
    [form_location_map entry_id=a user_id=x]
    For this you can create a map that shows the directions on the map from the user id “x” to the entry id “a”. You can also use “current” for the user id to show from the current user. For example: [form_location_map entry_id=34 user_id=current] will show the directions from the current user to the entry id 34.
    If used on its own inside the detail section of a view it will show the distance from the current user to the current entry id. Or, you can use the parameter entry_id to specify a specific entry id, and you can also use user_id to specify a specific user id. For example you can use: [form_location_distance entry_id=34 user_id=test] will provide the distance to entry_id 34 from the user named “test”.
  • You can now have an image replace a pin marker! Just make sure you use a file upload field for this.
  • Map clusters are now supported. Meaning, you can have all entries on a map grouped together if they are nearby when zoomed out.
  • You can now turn on and off street view support.
  • A little bit of fine tuning was done and a few bugs here and there were also fixed.

I’ll be working on a better documentation for this plugin now that it is getting even better. Hope that you like the new version! For those that haven’t purchased it yet though: if you wish to buy it soon, please do so. The price will be going up very soon.

If you are updating from an old version, be sure to click on the link to update the old forms in the database. This is necessary for the maps and pins to work properly. Don’t worry, entries on your geolocation forms work better now!