Changes and what is coming

We have made big changes to the site:

First of all, you will notice that the plugins on the main page list differently. I’ll touch more on that later.

Next we had made it so that all purchases will now provide the ability to support an unlimited number of sites. And there is no longer an expiry date for purchases. This will be for as we work toward a new system for upgrades and plugin distribution. It is in our hopes to have some of our plugins be made available on multiple sites while still providing upgrades and support. ** Note: This is only for those that had already purchased a download. Not necessarily for those that purchase new downloads. It is a reward we had given to our early buyers.

And lastly, prices will become dynamic. As we grow so will our prices. It is the usual supply and demand. Right now we have a minor penetration into the market which is understandable as, well, this is a new site and a new business. But as we build ourselves up this will only grow and our ability to earn more and provide newer and better products more frequently will equally grow.

Plugins will still get updates of course for any minor tweaks or upgrades to them. We don’t wish to take away this ability from anyone. But my suggestion? Buy your plugins while this site is still small. It is your best bet on getting them at a discounted rate.

Now for what is upcoming:

We have a few plugins coming very soon. We are now venturing into the territory of Easy Digital Downloads.

EDD Download Themify: This plugin will allow you to have a fully customized look for how downloads will show on your site. You can see an example of how this looks on the main page! This is what I meant by “I’ll touch more on that later”. Go to our main page and you can see it in action. I could also make it show plugins using pagination, continuous scrolling, or use my own html / javascript code to make it appear exactly how I want it to. It is completely customizable through the use of shortcodes that will use loops, conditional statements, and more.

EDD Checkout Themify: This one is not as far along as the previous plugin but it has much of its code done nevertheless. It’ll allow a customized display for the checkout display you see on pages. It won’t modify what you see on the checkout page itself though as there really isn’t a great way to do this with shortcodes. But if you use another plugin to customize this screen you can still use the checkout themify plugin to customize how it showsthe checkout box itself!

EDD Updates: It’ll allow for us to sell some of our plugins on multiple sites and still make upgrades easily available through one source. It’ll attach a new box to a download for just setting up upgrade availability without the need for licenses.

That is it for now. I’m looking forward to the release of these marvelous plugins, and many more plugins that we have in the planning stages. We have a couple of more to do for Easy Digital Downloads before moving onto another part of the WordPress community.