EDD Updates


This will allow for updates to your Easy Digital Downloads plugin or theme without the need for a license key. It separates itself from the Software Licensing plugin to allow for its own filename and version to be selected. This way you can sell your plugins or themes on any site, such as CodeCanyon or ThemeForest or many others, and still provide automatic update capability.


Features include:

  • The ability to have updates occur for your plugins or themes using the EDD Updates module.
  • The ability to show readme.txt files and change log.
  • The settings will work separately from software licensing as likely you would require a different filename with this than for those made available via software licensing.
  • Can do updates without the use of licenses so that you can sell your plugins or themes anywhere and still provide automatic updates.

Download and Setup:

  1. Download the latest version of the plugin.
  2. In WordPress Admin, go to “Plugins” → “Add New” → “Upload” (At the top of the page)
  3. Click the browse button and choose the ZIP file that you downloaded after purchasing it (the main EDD Updates file not the sample plugin or theme). You can then install it. Afterwards click “Activate” to activate this plugin.
  4. Once the plugin is activated, go to “Downloads” → “Settings” → “Licenses” and find the license section for “EDD Updates”. Enter your license key there, click on “Save Changes”, and then you can use this plugin.
  5. Then to setup this plugin on one of your downloads you will have to go to that particular download under “Downloads”. Once you open the editing page for it you can scroll down to “Updates”, check to enable updates and then set it up from there for the version number, file name, and change log.
  6. To setup your plugin with it you will have to follow the instructions in the available file “EDD-Updates-Plugin-Sample.zip”, or for themes it’d be “EDD-Updates-Theme-Sample.zip”.

How to Use

To use this plugin you can either get the sample files from the main zip in the “updaters” folder or you can download them separately. The filename would be “EDD-Updates-Plugin-Sample.zip”, or for themes it’d be “EDD-Updates-Theme-Sample.zip”.
Inside these files is a section at the bottom of the main php file (“edd-updates-plugin-sample.php” for the plugin sample or “functions.php” for the theme sample). The code would have to be added to your plugin or theme as shown in the sample files. Here are the following settings / variables that you would need to update:

  • $current_version: Set this to the current version number for the plugin so that it can see if there is a newer version available or not.
  • $remote_path: Set this to the website where the updates would be checked at.
  • $slug: This shouldn’t need to be updated usually. If the name of plugin’s or theme’s main directory / file name matches the slug for the download / plugin / theme then it’d be able to find the file. If it doesn’t then just update it to the name.
  • $id: This is the post id for the download on the main site.

That is all that is needed to be updated in either file. Once this is done and your plugin or theme is completed it will have the updates being processed properly… well, as long as you followed the previous steps to set up the download!

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