Tooltips for Formidable Pro

Today I wish to introduce everyone to a new plugin that was recently released called Formidable Tooltips.

This is a plugin that we will be updating again very soon, but for now it will allow you to add a tooltip onto most fields in Formidable Pro.

Then voila, a tooltip will show on the form!


As you can see in the example above, a popup will appear underneath the field when hovered overtop of it when a tooltip is added. This’ll work with most fields in Formidable Pro that are visible, even including html fields, separators, etc. The only thing it doesn’t work with yet are the added sections in a repeatable section. It’ll work in the first one, but not the ones added to it.

This will be fixed in a later update and more customizability will be added.

It is very easy to add a tooltip though once you have this. All that you have to do is just check off in the field section that you actually want a tooltip, then enter the text that you wish to appear. That is it!

We are still designing the customization portion but the goal is to make that as simple as can be.

Now keep in mind that the price for Formidable Tooltips is likely to go up once the customization is added, so I would recommend to purchase it now so that you’ll get that update at a lower price.