Formidable MyCRED

Formidable MyCRED is the merger of two premium plugins:
Formidable Pro

MyCRED is a plugin that allows you to reward or deduct credits that can be used as either a points system or for banking funds on a WordPress site.

This plugin will allow you to use Formidable Pro forms (using formidable pro 2.0 or later) to either add or decrease such credits from a user based on either a submission and / or an edit of a form. It can either take the value from a field or you can use a specific count each time.

Formidable Pro is a plugin which is quite possibly the most advanced and powerful form for WordPress today. It allows an array of customizability and has a great setup for developers and plugin sales sites like Bento4Extend. I’ve personally tried various form plugins from Gravity Forms to Ninja Forms and many others… quite honestly, I don’t think that the flexibility and capability even compares to Formidable Pro. Of course Formidable Pro is also cheaper in comparison to the competition as well, so it is quite the bargain for bloggers and companies alike.

An upcoming version will allow for a bit more flexibility, but already you can do quite a bit with it.