Five uses for BuddyPress Profile Custom Area

Just set the field type to a custom area.

1. You can use it for a gallery.

It isn’t so hard. All that you need is a plugin that allows you to have a gallery for each user, such as perhaps using a Formidable Pro or another form plugin to add images for each user. Then, you can display the results using a shortcode on the front end using a formidable view.

2. You can use it for showing a map for a user’s location.

Just add in BuddyPress Profile GeoLocation and then use the provided map shortcode to show the user’s location on their profile. Then you can leave the editing section blank so that it is not editable. Viola, it shows the location!

3. You can use it to add a customizable message into the profile with links or images.

Some social networking sites like to add various messages, links, or images to a user’s profile. With this plugin it is very simple. Just type it in and there you go! You have it showing.

4. You can have a questionnaire and show its results.

Just use Formidable Pro or another forms plugin to ask some basic questions of the current user in the edit profile section. Then you can show the results on the actual profile. Easy!

5. You can do pretty much anything if it only requires shortcodes and html.

Honestly anything that you would want to appear in BuddyPress profiles can show up thanks to BuddyPress Profile Custom Area. If you want a map, a blog, a post, various details from a form, another plugin, a gallery, or anything else in between, to show up on a profile… then, you can do it!

You can set what will show on the actual profile here. Shortcodes and html will work here.

You can set what will show on the edit screen here. Shortcodes and html will work here.

Just go over to BuddyPress Profile Custom Area and purchase it. Right now it is on sale for $25.95 from its regular price of $39.95. Get it while the price is lowered! It won’t be forever.